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Willow Cottage Coach Road

Alfreton Detached Home





  • 10 acres of secluded countryside serenity, surrounded by nature and walking routes
  • Private gated entry points and situated in the Golden Valley woodland
  • Holiday cottages and a floodlit dog agility training facility can be rented out, generating approximately £50,000 per year
  • A large main house adjoined by two homely cottages
  • A 68-foot bespoke open kitchen & living area with a lofted library space


A beautifully presented and unique detached residence with almost 3500 square feet of living accommodation in the main house, two separate cottages that could suit a large family, 10 acres of land, a dog agility training facility and much more... 

Property Description

An incredibly warm family dwelling situated on 10 acres of picturesque Derbyshire woodland in the Golden Valley.   This property sits in the gorgeous countryside of the Amber Valley, nestled into some of the most scenic woodlands you can imagine.    The private dwelling is well-placed for easy access to local market towns like Ripley, Heanor, and Alfreton with those drives only a couple of minutes.    Some of the jewel villages of Derbyshire are a simple 10 to 15-minute drive, with Breadsall, Little Eaton, Duffield, and Morley all near.    The property is on the doorstep of multiple scenic Derbyshire villages and market towns that are situated in beautiful greenery.    Whether it is U.K. heritage sites, nature walking paths, or local village shops, you have it all with this location.   This home is perfect for the growing family as it is surrounded by two ‘outstanding’ rated schools from Ofsted, and multiple ‘good’ ratings from pre-school to secondary.    A long and secured gravelled private driveway is flanked by towering trees and bushes, giving the house a natural and majestic feel.    The rustic home is situated between two gated entry points, making it a secluded yet open to the gorgeous Derbyshire landscape on the other side.    The tranquil entrance can comfortably park multiple vehicles and a caravan.    The charming and regal home sits on 10 acres of greenery with magnificent woodland to one side and the open landscape of the Derbyshire countryside to the other.    The breathtaking views from every window are something you would see in a piece of art.   The house is grandiose and perfectly blends a rustic and country feel with modern and sleek designs.    The arcadian bedrooms are snug with a comforting oak design, adjoined by a contemporary, marble bathroom.    The main house of Willow Cottage is a dignified dwelling where the sunlight radiates through multiple window doors.    The open plan gives the house a warm and friendly atmosphere and is close to the master bedroom with three guest rooms.   Two bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms with a large bathroom holding a large corner walk-in shower and a luxurious bath.    The stylish and sleek kitchen design is perfect for close-knit dinners or large parties, a space perfect for food, conversation, and cooking delicious food.    The open kitchen & living area has a lofted, quiet space joined before you enter the master bedroom.    Perfect for having that quiet reading hour with its large wooden bookshelves and cosy seating.   Aside from the elegant main home, the property holds 1400 square feet of two independent cottages.    The cushy and countrified housing is currently used as holiday lets for families wanting to experience the beauty of the Golden Valley woodland, but could just as easily be used to accommodate a larger family on the entire property.    The two cottages, called Little Willow and Skei’s Place, are both trendy and comfortable with their sitting and dining areas. as well as a fully-equipped avant-garde kitchen.    They are perfect for the budding family or young adults who desire to be close to family but want their own space.    The secluded and scenic area around the home is dropped perfectly into a beautiful hamlet. Nested close to the Cromford Canal, the house is surrounded by historic woodland that is as spectacular to look at as well as a walkthrough on the trails.    It is built around a fantastic open-terraced garden with a jacuzzi covered by a louvre roof - perfect for parties, family get-togethers, and summertime BBQs.    The garden also hosts another small above-ground pool with a joined-on serving bar, making this garden a sublime setting for those summertime get-togethers or just a private period of lounging in the sun and water during the warmer months.    The property has a floodlit dog agility training facility, which along with the cottages, could be rented out and generate approximately £50,000 per year - a perfect passive earner for the smaller family that loves the house but wants to utilise the full potential.   

Floor Plans

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